Future Oriented learning and teaching

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Supporting future-oriented learning and teaching


Tuturumuri School

Today I’m out the back of Martinborough at a little country school called Tuturumuri.  It has 2 teachers.

Questions for school leaders

* How are your students’ ICT skills and literacies being developed? (Explicitly)
* How is your netsafety programme being promoted and put into action?
* Discuss the ways you are leading elearning in your school.
* What are your thoughts on our cluster ‘developing elearning leadership’ initiatives? (eShare, ICT Lead Teacher workshops.)
* Discuss other ways elearning leadership is being developed in your school (e.g. teachers facilitating workshops, eskills sessions, staff meeting sharing, assemblies)
* How are you providing ICT training, support and scaffolding for your teachers?
* How do you know if teachers are integrating elearning effectively into their practice?
* In what formal ways are teachers sharing ICT/elearning ideas and practice with each other?
* How are students’ Key Competencies being developed through ICT and eLearning?
* How is elearning being celebrated at school events?
* Discuss the 2011 implementation of ‘teaching as inquiry’ in your school.
* What models of practice to inform engage and educate parents is your school using this year?
* How successful are these? What feed back are you receiving from parents?
* How have parents had the opportunity to contribute to school developments in elearning?
* How do you share and celebrate students’ elearning achievements with parents?

Workshop at Halcombe School, New Zealand

Te Apiti ICT Cluster Conference

The Te Apiti ICT Cluster , where I’m the eLearning facilitator, had a mini conference recently.  Our keynote speakers were Tony Ryan and Suzie Vesper.  Tony is well-known for his ‘Thinkers Keys’ and Suzie for her knowledge of, and links to, Web 2.0 applications.

The keynotes were followed by two workshop breakouts about digital photography, wikis, web 2.0 applications, eportfolios and student engagement. (Repeated in the second breakout)

The day went really well and I’ve had lots of positive feedback.  The keynote and workshop resources are on the Te Apiti ICT Cluster website.

Fun with Web 2.0

Here are some websites for those of you who want to have fun with some web 2.0 applications –

Very easy website making www.weebly.com

A very easy way to record a podcast for your blog. www.vocaroo.com

Uploading graphics, adding voice and getting audio comments from others www.voicethread.com This site is fantastic – there are so many ways you could use it with teachers and students.

Make your photos talk! It’s very engaging and your students will really love it! www.blabberize.com Click the pink play button on the picture to listen to the alpaca.

A photo slideshow maker. Copy the code and embed your slideshow into your blog. www.picturetrail.com

Yet another photo slideshow website (good fun though!) www.slide.com

Put yourself in the picture  www.photofunia.com
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